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On Privacy

Dear Reader,

There is hope. Try to stay on the safe side value "privacy."

Having problems online? Just value "privacy" a little more and I promise you will feel "safer."

Why do you put yourselves out there if you know the truth? I don't know what truth you are referring to but the "truth" seems to be more about "money."

I am not your personal marketer if you want to be more "popular." If you bought the book then maybe I'll read your comment when you leave one.


Leonardo J. Cabral
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I Do Not Know You: Who Are You?

Good Afternoon,

There are people who are distraught out there. Take a deep breath and try to relax. I do not know who you are either especially if I have not met you in person.

You think you have a "voice?" Thanks, leave your social media behind to see the truth what your "friends" and "family" have to say about you. Don't want to reveal your identity and think being "anonymous" is fine?

That's more like "urban terror" to me because you go around talking to random people in your head. This is what I call a "pervert" but nevertheless good luck with that it seems ya'll know more about that than me obviously! It's actually called "mental trespassing" and it's picking up speed in the world of law. Don't be surprised if you're "shunned" in public because people can hear you when you're alone and know the truth.

Leonardo Cabral

Quality Data

Updating your customer data is essential to maintaining happy customers.

Oftentimes there will be mistakes in customer data that will cause you time. The mistake I see many times is that business owners assume the internet is “free” and that they can access customer data any time through an internet search.

The importance of a quality and error free database is essential. I personally recommend a database that allows you to transfer data.